Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs: The Superclass

Tax evasion is back on the agenda. Richard Bilton’s excellent Panorama documentary is exposing the consequences of gross levels of inequality: a superclass of people who avoid tax because they do not gain any benefit from, and have become so rich to become immune to recognising the importance of, public services for the common good.

Good, old-fashioned investigative journalism (well done, Richard Bilton!) has lifted the lid on the awful behaviour of individuals controlling Apple, Premier League football clubs, the Royal estate and the Conservative Party.

Jeremy Corbyn has made an important statement which is entirely reasonable. Tax evasion cannot be allowed to continue. It spreads a distrust across society at the way in which governments taxpayers’ money, and it widens the gap between the richest and the poorest, making dear old Blighty a rather sad place to live.

The Tories are pressing ahead with the closure of tax offices across the UK, and unnecessarily replacing humans with robots. We need to invest in, restructure, and now probably change the name of, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. It really is her Majesty’s!