Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs: The Superclass

Tax evasion is back on the agenda. Richard Bilton’s excellent Panorama documentary is exposing the consequences of gross levels of inequality: a superclass of people who avoid tax because they do not gain any benefit from, and have become so rich to become immune to recognising the importance of, public services for the common good. Good, old-fashioned investigative journalism (well … Read More

Cannabis re-legalisation should become Labour Party policy

Ancient Egyptians used it to treat eye problems; Queen Victoria used it every week to treat menstrual cramps. Trialled and tested by tens of millions of people over 5,000 years, natural cannabis provides the most effective pain relief for seriously ill people. But for the last 46 years, cannabis has not strictly prohibited in Britain, and categorised as a drug … Read More

How to crush dream-crushing snake-oil salesmen

“I recently attended my own graduation ceremony. It was a friendly, enjoyable day with my family. Hundreds of us sat in the grand conference centre, clad in robes and mortarboards, and were told of our unquestionable merit by the head of the school of Politics. Call me a cynic, but I couldn’t help feel that such blanket praise was designed … Read More

Worthy pomposity: A New England

The English Labour Network has launched and articles so far provide compelling justification for a new England made up of regional assemblies. Councillor Peter Lamb of Crawley Council puts it best: “Westminster is trying to run far too much”. It’s true. Freed from the arcane practices of the British Parliament, Welsh devolution has led to a number of pioneering initiatives,  … Read More

The rush to sense. UK’s cannabis paranoia exposed.


Should we follow the rest of the world in legalising cannabis? Medical marijuana is now legal in a majority of US states, including conservative bastions such as Arkansas and Montana. Common sense is prevailing in Canada and Australia, too. Public support for cannabis legalisation has grown significantly in these countries. But the political establishment in Britain refuse to promote such … Read More